The art of the paved road


When people think about art, they often think about something creative, something that people enjoy for pleasure. However, when I think of art, I think of something that not only is beautiful, but can be functional as well. Think in terms of architecture, and in this case, with roads. One of the companies with which I’m associated, BayC Asphalt, Concrete & Brick Pavers, is one company that comes to mind.

A concrete company for hire, they specialize in a number of concrete projects done with the utmost in professionalism and precision, and is a company that I view as an artistic entity capable of stunning results in terms of how they do business and the result of their finished product. However, I had not always seen manual labor as a form of art, and oftentimes, people separate the two.

What changed

What changed for me regarding viewing manual labor as art was some work I saw with brick paving. Affordable brick pavers actually serve as a higher form of art that is not only practical, but beautiful as well. The ornateness involved with the finished product was something that I took notice to, but never really thought about. Think of some of the most historic cities in the world, they all have one thing in common, beautiful sidewalks.

So when you think about it that way, it becomes clear that art can not only be something created for the sake of pleasure, but something created for the sake of practicality too. We appreciate architecture as a form of art, so why should the roads we drive on and the sidewalks we walk on be any different?


By more closely examining brick and concrete, we can begin to determine that little separates it from the historical architecture that graces many art history books. And while the process is different now, it still serves as a practical beauty that people can enjoy the look of and appreciate it for the art that it is. The next time you walk down a beautiful city sidewalk, consider the work that went into it and the artistic vision it took.

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