The art of brewing


When we think of art, we usually think of painting and sculpture. However, art can come in a variety of different forms, especially in the form of food and drink. Having spoken with many artists from many different walks of life, I recently learned the art of brewing from a gentleman at

A true craftsman, he explained the in-depth process of brewing and how it is not only much more involved than people may think, but it is also an art form. Using only the finest ingredients, the hard cider begins with real apples that undergo a unique fermentation process before the unique flavors are added.

A cider for every occasion

Depending on the season, there are a number of ciders with different flavors and textures, adding to the diversity of an already artistic way of brewing alcoholic beverages. It becomes an exercise in brewing the perfect drink no matter the day and no matter the occasion, which takes artistic talent.

Perhaps what is most impressive about the art of brewing is the fact that each individual beer is crafted to perfection using a unique process that takes a great deal of thought and preparation. In no other area of food and drink is it as important to pay attention to every step in the brewing process in order to create the product that people crave.


Hard cider is, in many ways, a movement wherein those passionate about the process gather and share ideas in order to innovate how and why people enjoy cider. The way in which art bleeds into food is truly an amazing feat. Giving people the option to enjoy cider in many different ways, which truly excites the mind and sparks creativity.

The process is nothing short of amazing, turning fresh ingredients into an enjoyable beverage for virtually any occasion. As an artist, I appreciate all types of art, even those that many see as unconventional. Brewing and food are now the new avenue of art that is experiencing innovation and quickly becoming a pure form of art, not just a way to make libations.

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