Preserving art


Much like preserving infrastructure, preserving art involves paying close attention to the surrounding environment and the way in which it is stored. Preserving art is something that is important not only for the enjoyment of the people, but for future generations to enjoy. The main mistake made when storing art is not having the proper temperature control.

Today it is not as much of a problem, since many paints can resist a number of weather effects and holds up to a number of environmental changes. However, before the advancement in paint technology, art had to be paid close attention to. What we have to do is understand that keeping art intact involves a multi-faceted approach.

How to do so

Many institutions know how to preserve art, but some are still behind the curve when it comes to knowing how to preserve art properly. What needs to happen is that curators need to know in which conditions art go undamaged so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. It becomes an exercise in science and knowing the surrounding environment.

Many great works have been lost to weather and neglect, and it is our job as art appreciators, just like with infrastructure to know what to look for and how to stop the impending decay of great works. Preserving our past involves examining our future and planning accordingly for any possible ways in which the environment can damage the art. Together, we can help preserve the past for future generations to enjoy.

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