Advertising in today’s world


As an advertiser, I have realized that advertising means listening to those that have expertise outside of your own. Take, for example advertising advice from one of my former clients, Perhaps the most successful concrete paving company in the region, there is much that I learned about advertising simply from hearing stories from clients.

Think for a minute that you are creating an advertising campaign for a company of which you know nothing about. You use your basic advertising knowledge to project what customers of the company will want, but without working closely with the customers, it is essentially all guesswork. What I learned from my client is how to look beyond the obvious and think about all of the outside sources that influence advertising.

Applying what I’ve learned

The best people to ask for advertising tips is actually the customers themselves. Once I heard what my client said about what drew customers in (for example, brick paving services), I realized that customers could not only provide insight into what will appeal to them, but also what services people are looking for that perhaps I was not aware of.

So what I did, was take the brick paving service and inject it into an existing advertising campaign for the company. Knowing that this was an area of concrete that I did not know about, I extended that idea and tried to inform people of the service. It turns out that I was right. Many people were not aware of the services offered by the company, even though they had done business with them before.


Advertising in today’s world involves taking the many externalities and applying them to an existing advertising campaign. It becomes an exercise in psychology, during which you must find out what people want and what people might not know about. When it comes to advertising in today’s global landscape, knowledge and the ability to work outside of your normal ideas is what makes or breaks and advertising campaign. Welcome to the future, where insight is the only way to truly understand what people want and how to get there.

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