A matter of taste


As an artist, something has always bothered me about the way in which taste is discussed. Many people believe that critics are unnecessary in the world of art and that people should just like what they like. In fact, this is a debate that ranges in many different cultural circles. On one hand, disregarding the critics means that there is no benchmark with which to judge quality.

On the other hand, paying too much attention to critics means that you are not giving people enough credit to judge their own opinions. So what is the answer? Well, the answer is complicated and there may not even be an answer. Critics should have a purpose in this world, but should it be to influence people as much as they do?

Complicated further

What makes this topic even more complicated is the fact that critics are usually all over the place, and even when there is a general consensus, it becomes something that influences social commentary rather than it being an absolute of how good or bad something is.

It is also a matter of wondering if you are wrong for liking something. People often refer to these as guilty pleasures, but should anything you like cause you to feel guilty? Some would say yes, but others would say that it is up to the individual.


Whether you believe the critics or not, there comes a point where taste is subjective and up to the individual. Like what you like, and the critics will do the same.

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